Due to a previous custom inquiry, I still had our own Coleman Stove out waiting for a carrier for it. We have kept it in its box, which is in great condition, yet transferring the box to the truck when we prepared to go camping, it would still slip around. For both my husband and I, it was just one of those things, that we simply did not want to worry about it slipping out and getting damaged.

In addition, I wanted to reline my husbands corduroy jacket, yet after many washings, he didn’t want me to spend the time. He knew the time element when I reline coats/jackets. As I looked at it, I did see a glitch where the buttons were, that would create more of a hardship than I really wanted to encounter. I didn’t complain to David, but he asked me not to reline it, as he had plenty of other jackets that would work for him. Truth be told, he is right.

Well, I really liked this corduroy jacket on him, and the corduroy was in decent condition. Sure a little worn, but no rips, tears or other issues that I would otherwise mend, repair or toss. 

My first thought was to use quilting inside the cover I was going to create from his jacket. I had cut off the sleeves and collar, and asked him for some feedback before I proceeded. I told him what I was going to do on the inside to keep it from becoming damaged. Yet, he asked me to keep the lining, and use that, as it would provide the same benefit. Well, this saved me some time. 

Creating something new from something no longer needed, is something I enjoy doing. I did not want to donate the jacket, because I felt a new lining was needed before giving it away. Since David decided he did not want me to spend the time, and I did not want to toss what I knew could still be useful, I made both of us happy.

We now have a carrier that he is thrilled with, and the jacket that has been in my sewing room waiting to be repurposed, is now in it’s New Life Textile life cycle. 

If there is an opportunity to give life to what would otherwise fill the landfill, I would rather see that new life come to fruition. If you are looking to have something similar done for you, feel free to reach out, so that we can discuss the options.

I hope you are enjoying your day, staying safe, and finding every opportunity to be kind to others.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

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