In my quest to make something unique for my grandson, after my daughter requested a car-seat cape, I searched online to see what was out there. I did not see any that was to my liking. Since I still had a flannel shirt left-over from my mother-in-laws passing, along with a fleece blanket she had and never used. I decided to create something of warmth, safe to wear in the car seat, as well as memorable.

Car-seat capes are designed to go over the top of the carseat when the child is strapped in. The purpose is to allow one to buckle them in safely, as snowsuits and jackets don’t necessarily allow for the secure fit they need in the event of an accident.

The really neat thing about these capes is that these capes will grow with your infant into their toddler years. See photo’s below the initial set of photo’s. As I am able, I will be adding car-seat capes for sale! Stay connected to be “in the know”!!

Another flannel, this one was a little warmer as the shirt was heavier, and I used a different fleece fabric for the inside lining. In addition, I left the shirt pockets on, as it was a smaller shirt.

As shared, these capes are worn into their toddler years.

These can be made from any large to extra large flannel shirts, from family clothing, etc. They can be lined with fleece or flannel. Flannel & light fleece make for great spring and fall capes, the heavier fleece for the cold winter weather. Please contact with your interest. Great for a holiday gift, a baby shower gift, or simply, a needed cold weather custom cape.

I will be making more in the near future, to have available for sale.

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