BELOW: Here is a pillow I made from my husband’s LL Bean Chamois shirt. It was one of his favorites, while also one I used to love snuggling up to him when he wore it. The collar could not be turned again, and the sleeve bands were worn, yet in repairing the pockets I was able to make a pillow from the shirt, making sure there were no “dog ears”.


I was asked to make memory pillows from a family members’ flannel shirts. These are being made for three members in the family to treasure. The customer provided the pillow forms as well as the patches that were applied to specifc shirts. Results are pillows to be treasured and cuddled when they think fondly of their loved one. Due to the size, I would recommend at least a 16″ (possibly an 18″) pillow form, as the pockets go to the edge of the seams.

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