Business cards are essential to any business when out networking or when someone simply starts up a conversation that eventually leads you to discussing your profession/business.

With some leftover suede from the jacket that I created the purse (below) from, as well as the fabric lining, a business card holder was created.

To see close-ups, click on each picture. Thank you for looking.


Here we have a purse made from an older suede jacket. The jacket had weak spots in it, where there were areas that were so thin, the leather ripped quickly. After inspection, I found some good areas that would make a good purse. The back was in very good condition, the outer part of the sleeve as well. The lining is from leftover Batik fabric that I had, and to compliment the purse, I embroidered a beautiful fall leaf design that has musical notes (unfortunately hard to see since I used black for them).

The Strap hardware is from other salvage metal parts from other purses that really had not life left in them. The strap, from the suede, is adjustable for carriers preference of length. There are outer side pockets, suitable for items such as a cell phone, pens, lotions, etc., on both outside as well as inside the purse. I chose not to include other pockets, as I tend to use various methods to keep my items organized. Click on photos for closer view. Enjoy!!