Corduroy Jacket to Coleman Stove Carrier

Time to convert a corduroy jacket into a carrier for our Coleman Stove for camping. My husband was going to toss the jacket, as he knew for me to reline it was be time consuming, and yet I refused to toss it. I actually planned on relining it, and acquired the new sherpa material, and yet he decided not as he had plenty of winter jackets.

I was a bit bummed, as I really loved this jacket on him, yet, to be honest, considering what I needed to do, where the snap buttons were, it would have been more of a challenge than I really wanted. So…the jacket, cleaned, went into my New Life Textile “to-do” pile.

While David works on the new window casings (we have been remodeling our living room during this pandemic), I changed gears from mask making and decided to tackle this project.

My first thought was to use quilting inside the cover I was going to create from his jacket. I had cut off the sleeves and collar, and asked him for some feedback before I proceeded. I told him what I was going to do on the inside to keep it from becoming damaged. Yet, he asked me to keep the lining, and use that, as it would provide the same benefit. Well, this saved me some time. 

Both of us are all about repurposing items that still have some life left. Okay, the jacket was ready to be retired, and the stove needed a safe storage carry unit so that we would know it would be safe in our travels, so the jacket now has a new life purpose.

Creating something new from something no longer needed, is something I enjoy doing. I did not want to donate the jacket, because I felt a new lining was needed before giving it away. Since David decided he did not want me to spend the time, and I did not want to toss what I knew could still be useful, I made both of us happy.

We now have a carrier that he is thrilled with, and the jacket that has been in my sewing room waiting to be repurposed, is now in it’s New Life Textile life cycle. 

If there is an opportunity to give life to what would otherwise fill the landfill, I would rather see that new life come to fruition. If you are looking to have something similar done for you, feel free to reach out, so that we can discuss the options.


Auto Need Crate Carrier

My husband uses crates to keep things organized, from his shop to his vehicle. He has had this small crate, perfect for the extra vehicle fluids he likes to have on hand in case of an emergency, for probably longer than I have known him. I also tend to keep the good portion of jeans for denim picnic quilts, patching, totes, etc. Well, he asked me about a month ago to make him a tote for this crate, just to make it easier to move to/from the vehicle when necessary. He apparently had a nice pair of black jeans I had purchased for him, that were honestly marked wrong. I had a really hard time cutting these jeans down, as they looked amazing, but since I more than likely purchased them at a thrift shop (no returns) I was okay in turning a negative into a positive. So, from jeans to a crate tote, my husband now has a convenient, yet easier “grab & go” tote. Now, I forgot where we found the belting that I used for the strap handles. Not my normal strapping for totes, but when you are making something for a guy, you want something rugged. This stuff is the same as what seatbelts are made of. The benefit is that there is no way that the plastic tote will fall through…LOL…First there is plenty of stitching to secure things, but this strapping gives it extra powerful support. Some projects I have to give some thought to before I begin. This was one of them. My husband is not a huge guy, so his pant legs, when opened at the seam do not make a piece of fabric large enough to create this carrier without a little creative thought.


Sweater to Tote Bag

A sweater that was gifted to me. I loved the sweater, the quality yarn that was used, yet since I was unable to wear it due to it being too tight around my neck) I wanted to make something without having to give it up. It resulted in two practical items. First: A new, fully lined (with a complimenting fabric with heavy, fusible interfacing) tote to be used for a variety of purposes. From Farmer Market days, shopping, to carrying extra clothes when out. Other materials used was some heavy duty, fusible interfacing, and complimentary fabric for the lining. I also re-purposed a strap that I rescued from another item that was no longer in useable condition. And secondly, an awesome pair of fingerless hand warmers, which you can see on my New Life – Gloves, Mitten, Warmers…page.


Khaki Jumper to Tote Bag

Transformed a khaki jumper into a book tote, adding for the lining, a floral print that matched well with the embroidery from the jumper, pulling it all together.

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