It is hard when our loved ones pass on in life. But one thing that I have done for many years is that of creating from their clothing and creating items that will be used for years to come by family members.

My husband (David)’s mom, Carlene, died of a breast cancer that took her by surprise, giving her a short time to live. Although she fought the fight, the cancer had already made its mark and was stronger than she could fight. She was an amazing woman, to whom both David and I treasured, as did our daughters and many others.

Here is an apron I made from a remaining pair of jeans. After creating a memory quilt from my mother-in-laws denim shirts, I still had a pair of denim jeans that were in excellent condition. It is not frilly, it is not fancy, but it is a lovely yet simple look that I found to be quite flattering (hence the reason I hard a hard time giving it away. I did end up giving it away to my niece at Christmas, the year following mom’s passing.

The pillows are made of her sweatshirts, with my using fabric from her stash or from fabric I already had on hand, specific for things I planned on making her.

I never realized that my mother’n law had done crochet work before, so imagine my surprise to find these among her sewing/quilt items. David (my husband) shared that she did it a long time ago. Since I don’t crochet or knit (thinking I should now probably consider taking up the craft), I ended up picking up some black yarn, then sewing the pieces together. She had different size squares, so what I did was laid them out, took smaller ones and put then as diamonds among the larger squares. David and I were never one for these type afghans, but after putting this altogether, and seeing all the beautiful colors together, it made me think of Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors (Genesis 37:3). And after the last stitch was made, I laid it out on my lap and felt the warmth of love that was poured into the squares when my Mother’n Law first put the squares together, along with the love of my own stitches completing it for her.
NOTE: I have since taken up the craft of crochet, which is a blessing on days that I need to rest.

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