Therapy Neck Pillows are now completed. I only made a handful of them, as my plan was to make them for my own personal needs as well as some for the family. Yet, with inquiries, I made a few extra, and depending on the response I will possibly make more.

The main purpose was to help support my neck when laying down (not sleeping, although I have dozed off occasionally) in order to put pressure on my neck (cervical), replicating the maneuver my massage therapist and chiropractor do for me. It allows me to do the same treatment daily before and after exercises, due to the way it hits my neck and the firmness of the pillow. In addition, it helps to keep my neck stabilized when doing some of my back exercises.

I have used my pillow under my calf to relieve some sciatica pain, under my knee as well as under my ankle for when my leg might need to be elevated.

I DO NOT recommend to use in place of a soft pillow between your knees while you sleep, nor use under your neck when sleeping.

The triangular shape is designed to stay in place, giving the same pressure each time, and not so soft it loses its shape as similar, inexpensive pillows do. The triangular shape keeps it from rolling, with the ribbon straps on the sides to help put comfortably in place. 

They weigh approximately 1 1/2 pounds and approximately 15″ x 8″

The pillows are currently being sold at $75 & $85, depending on the material choice (some fabrics are more costly than others). This is an introductory price, with hopes in keeping it at this price, yet with the cost of materials quickly rising, including that of the filling, it is possible that this price could change. I will do my best to keep it at this price. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for visiting!! For more information, please visit my For Sale page for these neck pillows

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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