In order to save labor costs, Crystal decided to leave the overlay/train alone, as she felt it would not affect the look. Plus as she walked, it would fall beside & behind her.
Her dress was altered in the back 5″ at the zipper for a better fit, added a missing hook, and dress taken up. In addition, a French bustle was added. The front overlay, was brought up at the bottom, as much as possible yet keeping the beaded embroidery in tack. The skirt, double layer tulle, and underskirt were all taken up with no cut to the hems. The bodice alteration was taken in with no cutting of the fabric as well. This will allow Holly the option to sell it later if she chooses, allowing the next bride to lengthen as well as let out in the back for her particular frame.
The dress did not have a bustle, and Holly desired that it have one so that she could enjoy dancing. Holly was thrilled with the new bustle added to her dress!Read More →