No, not me, but maybe? My daughter is expecting her 2nd son soon, so in a way, it is for me. I mean, being a grammy is very rewarding on many levels.

Holly provided me with yardage of four 100% cotton fabrics, 3 cotton flannel, 1 regular cotton. With her first child she had all woodland critters, and to stay with that theme, yet also provide something special for the little guy, she found these fabrics that she loved.

The first item up with the over-sized, double-sided, flannel blanket. These were our children’s favorite blankets when they were young (yes, I have been making, gifting and selling these for over 30 years). They make great cover blanket when nursing, cuddle blankets, over the car seat blanket, then later into toddler years, nap blankets, fort blankets and often, as the girls got older, they would use them as lap blankets for when they cuddle up on the couch to read. They truly are perfect for all ages.
I do have others available if one is interested at my over-sized flannel blanket page

In addition to the over-sized, double-sided, flannel blanket, I made some special requests, one being a bib that snaps in place, covers the child like a mini-cape, yet unsnapped can be thrown over the shoulder as a burp bib to catch what must be caught.

Another special request was for some bandana style bibs. I have to admit, these were fun to make. The first one I made was a little big for an infant (so she has a set for when he is a toddler, or for now in allowing his older brother to use), yet I adapted my design to fit a smaller infant. These are truly fun. They are reversible AND adjustable, in that there are two snaps on each end so that you can adjust the neck. Not only were they fun to make, they were also adorable (okay, handsome for the boys).
Yes, I will be making more to add to the site 🙂

The last item I made, was a set of extra-long burp-bibs. The pattern I made over 30 years ago, needed a little adjustment. Her desire was to have more coverage. And oh goodness, and I know my memory serves me well, sometimes I wish I had one this length.

All fun and useful items for a new mom, a 2nd time mom, or beyond.

I will be adding more to my inventory of baby items, yet for now there are plenty of items available.

Note: if one is desiring to purchase, please know that I take cash at pick-up, personal checks, and now banks offer Zelle, which allows an immediate transfer of funds so that your purchase can be processed on its way to you. I’m sorry, I do not accept Paypal or credit cards.

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Be safe, be healthy, and may there be warmth and joy in your life,

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


NOTE: All fabrics are pre-washed before production. In an effort to keep things safe, I adhere to sanitary measures, in hand washing and using hand sanitizer.

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