Nothing is more annoying to many of us who enjoy pockets, to discover that the lovely pair that fits so well when you purchase it, does not have “real” pockets in the back. When you are used to having pockets, you automatically try to use them. With a recent alteration order, I repaired a pair of lovely dress slacks that were torn at the pocket, making them look good as new.

Before the repair

Always check before purchasing to see if there is a pocket. If so, you can very gently remove the stitches that hold the pocket closed with a seam ripper. These type pockets are closed shut to keep the pants from stretching as different wearers try them on at the store (or at home and returned). It keeps the shape of the pants the actual wearer, and once owned and loved, those thread can be removed.

The reason some back pockets are not added to dress pants, despite our desire to have them, is more for the decorative look. For some, more esthetic. It provides a smooth finish. This happens in dress pants as well as sportswear, where purchases get a little frustrated. 

How to know the difference when purchasing is that the typical functional pocket will be sewn shut with a single thread. It is easy to see and can easily be removed with fine scissors if one does not have a seam ripper. The faux pocket will have stitching difficult to remove and will actually tear the material, yet in some cases can be repaired.

When shopping, the easiest way to tell, is to turn the pants inside out. When shopping online, read the specs for pocket information, as pictures can be deceptive. 

Faux pocket on dress pants fixed

Stay stylish with well altered and repaired clothing that fit you well!! 

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NOTE: Alterations and mending are being done on a limited basis. Thank you for understanding.

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