Yesterday I was able to complete a custom order for 12 masks, using materials that my customer from FL provided. This is an option for those interested, as I will not always have the fabric selections a customer might desire, and allows a family, individual or business to hand select their fabrics.

The price does not change when you provide materials, mostly due to the masks that I create are labor intensive. I start out by washing all materials before use, drying then ironing them. Once this is done, material is cut. In addition to the front material on the face of the mask, other 100% cotton material is used that I provide.

3-layer mask, no pocket with ties made from the same fabric as the facing fabric

The majority of masks come with a lovely, encased, nose bridge. These nose bridges are made of a bendable metal source or tin ties. For children, I can use a chenille stem, as the above mentioned nose bridges are too big for a child. But typically I do not put nose bridges into the masks for children.

Currently I am providing masks with and without pockets, either with elastic loops or ties, and all with nose bridges, unless otherwise requested not to include them.

If you would like to provide materials, it MUST be 100% cotton. Please be aware, that some fabrics say 100% cotton, yet if they have a stretch to them, it contains elastane, that has some polyurethane allowing it to stretch. I prefer not to use this, yet because it can be found in the cotton fabric section of some stores, one might not realize this until after their purchase. The best place to purchase 100% cotton is through your local or online quilt shop. Batiks are a wonderful cotton (one of my favorites) which can be found locally as well as online.

Showing the clean, cotton underside of each mask

If you desire to use flannel to have softness against your face, you will need to be aware that this can be quite warm during the summer months. It can be used as an outer layer, yet collects various dust and lint much faster, so I would recommend avoiding this fabric.

Stitching detail, including encased, nose bridge placement

Although I do have a small inventory of masks available, and I have quite a few cut (just need to put together), I hope to have more masks added to the Face Masks For Sale page soon. Priority is given to custom orders as well as alterations and mending services. I do my best to get special requests out as quickly as possible, as so many are needing to have masks when they go out, where different locations are mandated in requiring masks to be worn.

Reminder: Cash or personal checks are payment options, with full payment (including S&H) sent with your custom order/request.

NOTE: Some fabrics are coming in at a higher cost, so you will see some masks slightly higher than others with the same details (i.e. a 3 layer mask could cost an additional $2+ more than other 3 layer masks).

Thank you for visiting and your continued support.

Be safe, be kind and show compassion and love to those around you.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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