A few years back my husband and I found a chair at a yard sale in which the frame work was in excellent condition. The fabric and cushion were fine as well, yet the denim fabric was faded in spots. Although in great condition, the fabric situation really bothered me, yet he loved the chair, so home it come where I cleaned it up for him. Just a “few” years later, a few weeks ago (2 yrs since we purchased it), I found the perfect denim to recover it for him. Fortunately he loved it!! 

Truth be told, we are in the midst of doing some home updates, and one is the cellar where most of my sewing is. Since, we are putting down new flooring, with cushion, in hopes to alleviate pain issues, I needed to go through the items that were stored on the shelves. As I was going through and sorting, I found this denim that I originally purchased to make “something”. I honestly forgot what, but I think it was to make a long denim coat. Oh well. Although I still love the fabric and feel it would make a great long length coat, I think it looks fabulous on his chair. 

You can view more pictures on the Home Decor page specific for Seating

The finished work – Glider complete with 2 cushions with arm covers with pockets.

No turning back. The chair is complete, and very little fabric left, which I’m sure I can incorporate into something, just not that long-length denim coat I was hoping to “get-around-to”. On the bright side, I did not have to shop for fabric.

My hope is that everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the beautiful weather. Here in NH it has been absolutely gorgeous.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~



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