With all this COVID-19 fun, I generally do not venture out into the stores, plus there is not much that I need. Yet, my husband and I ventured into a store, to look for a few specific items that we needed, when I came across this dress. It was on sale, 100% cotton and not made in China. I took my chances in not trying it on in the store. I was quite pleased with the dress, the fit, even with the long length. Yet, I knew that if I shortened the dress, I would enjoy wearing it more, without worrying about tripping over the length. 

The other benefit in shortening the dress, with it being 100% cotton, was that I was able to make a matching mask. Hey, I don’t like wearing them anymore than anyone else, but if I have to wear one, I might as well enjoy it.

I still have a little fabric left, in which I will make a 2nd mask to have on hand, in the event I go to multiple locations, and/or possibly another small item.  Below: More Before/After photos. 
Thank you to my husband David for taking the photo’s and putting up with me and my silliness. 

Although the spring and summer season has passed, with not so much of our going out, it was fun to aquire a new dress to wear when I do go out. Hopefully there will be a few more warm days, and if not, there is always next year. 

Be safe, be kind, and enjoy the beauty of life around you.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


Seamstress, Textile Artist, Tailor (alterations)

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