While working on the continuation of the Living Room update, I snuck away into the sewing room while David worked on some of the work he did not need me for. I’ve actually been working on these all week in between other activities, home updates, and sewing. In doing so, I was able to complete a couple requests plus a few others.

With the following custom requests, I think I will need to provide a new, larger sized option for those with a little larger face than some. Once I receive feedback from those who acquire the masks discussed below, I will be able to decide how I will move forward.

One customer, friend, old colleague with whom I worked in the OR with, asked for a longer mask, from nose to chin. He had previously ordered others, and felt that a little more length would provide him better coverage. In addition, he was hoping I could do four pleats, which at the time when speaking with him, I wasn’t sure if this was possible, due to how much we discussed adding. With that in mind, I created a mask to his specs. Longer from nose to chin, ties, nose bridge, and four pleats. It turned out rather nicely. I am hopeful that it provides him the coverage he is looking for.

Next request was for a larger mask for a friend in Florida. He had order another, and was wondering if I could make the mask with a little longer elastic loops as he felt they were pulling on his ears too much. Although I already make the male masks with a longer elastic compared to the female masks, there is no guarantee that every face will fit the same. 

In addition, while talking with him, I asked him about the length from nose to chin. Hey, if I am going to make a new custom mask, why not provide him the options. Although I felt the patriotic mask he had was fine, as did he, he asked if I would do that for him, more so for when his beard grows in. With this, as it is the same size as the above mask (same fabric too), I also provided 4 pleats, nose bridge along with the little longer elastic loops. I’m sure he is going to be quite pleased. This will ship out on Monday.

Another request I had, was for a woman who has worn my masks, yet it was not covering her face the way she desired. When she came by, as we talked, I noticed that she kept having to adjust it, and when she did, it did not cover her the way she desired. My donation masks are not ones that always have the nose bridge, unless they are going directly to healthcare providers.  So, as with the above recipients, I created her a mask with elastic loops slightly longer than I normally provide for women, longer in the front, plus a nose bridge. My hope is that this works out better for her. I know that her desire is to be well protected, as she wears her mask everywhere she goes. I ended up making two, so one will be going on the Masks For Sale Page.

My next request was from a yoga instructor. She wrote asking me if I had any material that resembled anything related to yoga. She was okay if I had a dog print fabric as well. Although I do have some animal prints, and my fabric is also from my project pile, I hesitated in cutting into this fabric. More so, because I had already delved into much of my stash to make a variety of masks for donations. 

So while cleaning up my sewing area in our cellar (had to do this project, as my husband was finally able to put down new flooring for me to benefit my back), and deciding how I wanted to change things up, I came across this fabric that I had purchased to make some casual, lounge-around-the-house pants. I fell in love with it when I bought it and fell in love with it again when I took it out of hiding, and checked to see if there was more available to purchase (out of stock and no longer being manufactured), and decided NOT to cut into the fabric UNTIL I made those pants.

Well, now that the pants were made, I was excited and shared the pics with my customer. She was ecstatic with this fabric, and took a few moments to decide which would be her choice. Below was her choice. 

These masks with the frogs doing yoga was so much fun!! I have three more, two of the Downward Dog and one of the Dance. These are now listed on my Masks For Sale page  You can preview them below, while clicking on them to see a larger view. Seriously, I think this was my most favorite, fun fabric that I have worked with to date. My other favorite fabric was the bold, black background, soccer fabric I had used for a MD/Surgeon who coached soccer while his sons were in HS.

I look at these frogs and I giggle, and wearing my new, casual, lounge-around-the-house pants are just so much fun and lightweight, perfect for these warmer months as well as when doing feet-on-the-ground or butt-on-the-ground poses. LOL 

Another fabric I found, that I wasn’t sure if I would make masks with, as I was planning on using it for a memory quilt for one of my daughters (left over from pajama pants I made her years ago). Yet, in seeing what was available, I decided to make three adult female masks. For cat lovers, this is also a fun fabric. These can also be seen on my Masks For Sale page as I have three available. Grayish hues with various cats throughout.

NOTE: If you desire a custom fabric, I am no longer ordering specific fabric. It is time consuming, and although many might feel my masks are expensive (they are compared to others), the time I invest in creating each one independently, accounting for overhead, I am currently not able to shop for each request. Please feel free to provide your own materials so that I can meet this need. In doing so, be sure to provide 100%, quality, non-stretch cotton material. Quilting fabric is best while some specialty fabrics work out amazing as well.

I hope that wherever you are today, that you had a delightful day. Here in NH, the weather was perfect with a little breeze. It made staining door casings much easier, as it was able to be done outdoors, reducing the magical aroma (fumes) of home improvement. One bonus with these masks, is that my husband and I do use them when working on projects that make dust (wood-working) or have fumes (stain, paint, glue, etc.), making these type tasks less taxing on our lungs.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. May all you dads out there, have a wonderful day, and may the blessings of your children, embrace you with love and gratitude.

Be safe, be kind, be compassionate and giving. May you find joy, beauty and something to be thankful for, in each of your days.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


Reminder: Although I have worked in the medical field, I am not a physician, and only make masks for you as a source of protection with no guarantee that it will prevent you from obtaining any lung or viral infection. Be responsible: clean your mask(s) after use and wear them OVER your nose and mouth. 

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